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Used by all the major cement manufacturers, Cardox is widely recognised as the most efficient, reliable and cost effective method of clearing build-ups and blockages in pre-heaters, cyclones, cooler areas & rotary kilns.

Cardox International, the original manufacturers and suppliers of Cardox has provided over 50 years of service to the cement industry.

  Cement plant
Cardox can quickly remove build-ups and restore plant production to optimum levels at operating temperatures, with no need to sit through extended shut down while the equipment cools.
Operation: Fast, safe and simple
Cardox socket 1   Cardox socket 2   Cardox socket 3   Cardox socket 4

Plug is removed from the Cardox Socket to reveal build-up of product. Cardox tube is placed in the tube holder, inserted into the socket and secured. The tube is then activated and removed to reveal the build-up has been completely cleared...within seconds

n Efficiency
Unlike airblasters where cement plants complain of ineffectiveness and report losses of efficiency of up to 75%, using Cardox there is no loss in efficiency!

Each time you use a Cardox Tube you are guaranteed maximum pressure to remove the build-up. With a safe and powerful carbon dioxide blast one Cardox tube can remove tons of build-up and you're back up to running at full capacity, with little, or no downtime.

n Quality
The Cardox System is fully approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive.
Cardox Tubes are manufactured to ISO9002 and also carry Rolls Royce Quality Assurance Approval.

n Cost effective
Many of our customers report that the Cardox System pays for itself in no time at all. Cardox is only used when a build-up occurs and so the running costs can be very low. Also, maintenance costs are minimal.

Preheater   Cyclone   Cooler (snowman
  Rotary Kiln (clearing of 'Ring' build-up)
Preheater   Cyclone   Cooler   Rotary kiln
Cardox Tube in pre-heater   Cardox Sockets on cyclone   Cardox Sockets on cooler   Cardox Sockets on rotary kiln

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