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Keep production running smoothly and material flowing seamlessly

with Cardox International Limited


Bulk Materials

Clearing silos, bins, hoppers, and other storage vessels


The Civils Industry

Excavating rock in sensitive areas; tunnelling, trenching, shaft sinking, general rock excavation, underwater excavation, and concrete demolition


Mining and Quarrying

For opencast and underground coal and ore mining, boulder breaking and dimensional stone extraction


Innovation is in our DNA

leading the way for almost 100 years


The Cement Industry

Clearing build-ups and blockages in preheater towers, cyclones, rotary kilns, coolers and precalciners


Power Plants and EfW

Used globally by Power Plants and Energy from Waste plants (EfW) in boilers, economisers, and silos


Clearing build-ups and blockages in preheater towers, cyclones, rotary kilns, coolers and precalciners.


Used globally to successfully clear three major areas of the process – boilers, economisers and silos.


For cleaning and clearing silos, bins, hoppers and other storage vessels.


For excavating rock in sensitive areas; tunnelling, trenching, shaft sinking, general rock excavation, underwater excavation and concrete demolition.


For opencast and underground coal & ore mining, boulder breaking, de-gassing coal seams dimensional stone extraction.

Welcome to Cardox International


Cardox International is an expert in blockage and build-up removal. We have revolutionised numerous industries with The Cardox System, delivering proven success across a wide range of applications. This system has significantly impacted industries worldwide, including cement, energy biomass power stations, bulk materials, and civil engineering. We have unmatched experience in the industry. As the original manufacturers, innovation is in our DNA and we’ve been leading the way for almost 100 years.


Cardox keeps production running smoothly and material flowing seamlessly.

Cardox plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth production and material flow. We serve a global customer base directly and through our network of established agents and distributors. Our customers use the Cardox System to minimise downtime and production losses.

As pioneers of innovation, we remain at the forefront by introducing new solutions to existing sectors, penetrating new industries, and relentlessly exploring the industrial advancements offered by the Cardox System with one aim – to keep production moving.

Our Customers Include:

How it works

Breaking Barriers Safely: Cardox – The Reliable Choice When Traditional Explosives Can’t Be Used

The Cardox System is a high-pressure blockage clearing system that does not require explosives. It works by using specialised tubes for distinct applications. These tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide, akin to a fire extinguisher, and can be activated using a small electrical charge. The resulting gas expansion exerts a powerful force, clearing blockages rapidly and safely.

Cardox: Where Safety Meets Efficiency and Speed

The Cardox system offers immediate operation upon activation with minimal setup time required, as it takes just one minute to fill a tube. With one tube locked into a vessel, large areas can be cleared in a matter of seconds, and activation can be directed to target problematic areas. Additionally, the system has no effect on refractory with the correct application, and the treated tubes are durable enough to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Less downtime and no need for manual cleaning

One tube can remove several manual hours of cleaning, and unlike water jetting systems for example, there is no prolonged exposure to heat. The tube can be placed at the centre of build-up, unlike blasters, and there is no blowback on operators, ensuring maximum safety during use.

Unmatched Experience in clearing build-up and blockages

With 60+ years of experience in the cement industry alone, Cardox International remains the premier manufacturer and supplier of Cardox. Our clients attest that the Cardox System’s quick ROI makes it a smart investment, as it eliminates build-ups only as needed, with minimal running and maintenance costs.

As pioneers of the Cardox System, our expertise and innovation remain unmatched.

In a League of Their Own: Cardox International Drives Innovation Beyond Imitation.

Cardox International’s C74 Silo Tube is one-of-a-kind and exclusively available through our company. Its enhanced capacity for aeration effectively clears blockages and promotes material flow. The Firing Head features a unique design that enables easy connection of the C74 Silo Tube to a retrieval system using an Eyebolt. The Discharge Head can also be equipped with a spike, enabling the Tube to be easily dropped into the product, further increasing its efficiency.

Join our global customer base and keep production on track with the Cardox System

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