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About Cardox

Unmatched Experience as the Creators of the Cardox System

Cardox International Limited originally developed the Cardox System for use in fiery coal seams. The Cardox System is a safe and efficient method used to break rock, concrete, and various other materials rapidly. It utilises carbon dioxide to generate a powerful heaving force, which cracks and breaks the material along natural or induced fracture plains, removing it from the main mass of material.

The manufacturing facility has been producing Cardox Systems & Products since 1930, and our experienced team possesses a wealth of expertise and know-how. Key employees in our manufacturing and engineering departments have over 30 years of experience.

The Power of Safety, Efficiency, and Speed

We continue to set the standard for excellence in Cardox System manufacturing, surpassing all others in the market.

The Cardox team have continued to lead innovation in this area, and we are proud to see The Cardox System rolled out globally across more and more sectors each year.

Cardox International Limited are a dedicated and reliable service provider that goes the extra mile to deliver equipment to our customers. Our long-serving staff ensure the kit arrives promptly and to the correct specifications.

The Cardox System is designed to clear blockages and build-ups in all types of silos, hoppers, pipes, and most other storage vessels.

The Tubes

At the core of the Cardox System are Cardox tubes. Cardox International manufacture a different range of tubes, designed to work in different applications.

Tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide (the same as a fire extinguisher). When energised by the application of a small electrical charge, the chemical Heater instantly converts the liquid carbon dioxide to gas. This conversion expands the CO2 volume and builds up pressure inside the Tube until it causes the rupture Disc at the end of the Tube to burst. This releases the C02 – now 660 times the original volume – through a special discharge head to create a powerful heaving force, at pressures up to 40,000 psi (3,000 bar).

This all takes place in milliseconds.

Carbon dioxide gas is an inert gas that is commonly used in fire extinguishers, so it is safe to use without fear of generating secondary reaction with gases in the vessel/silo. In addition, the quick release of the gas refrigerates the discharge, bringing it to a temperature low enough to avoid ignition of any air-gas mixture inside the blocked vessel.

Sockets, Plugs and Tube Holders

A simple socket and plug system allow Cardox Tubes to be inserted, secured and activated, efficiently and safely.  These secure coupling systems are mounted on to the vessels where build up occurs (preheater/cyclone/feed pipes/cooler/rotary kiln /silos etc) and allow the Cardox tubes to be inserted.

The sockets can be directly welded to the vessels/hopper walls of flanged sockets and can be left in place or removed. The Cardox Tubes are applied to the vessels with blockages and activated to remove the material causing the blockage. After use the tube is easily removed, and the plug can be replaced until required.

Expert Installs, training, and advice

Our Engineering team has over 30 years of experience. Our Engineers can visit sites and performing activations on behalf of the customers. They can also provide advice on potential usage and the best location for sockets, as well as commission and install systems for customers, offering expert training on all applications. With experience working in 50 countries, our engineers are well-versed in various site setups and customer needs.