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Bulk Materials Industry

Your Ultimate Solution for Clearing Build-Up and Blockages

As pioneers of the Cardox System, our expertise and innovation remain unmatched.

Are you facing challenges with build-up and blockages in your silos, bins, or storage vessels? Look no further than Cardox for a reliable, efficient, and safe solution to ensure your products flow freely.

Whether you prefer to purchase, hire, or contract Cardox engineers for the job, take advantage of the ultimate solution to maintain product flow and efficiency in your storage facilities.

With decades of experience, we remain at the forefront of Cardox System development and manufacturing.



Cardox offers a range of options including Sockets & Plugs, tailored to target crucial areas for effective material removal near the base of silos, hoppers, and bins.


With Cardox Tubes equipped with a spike at the Discharge Head, you can penetrate 3-4 meters into material build-up from the top of silos, bins, and hoppers.


From grain to cement, fertilisers, ores, and more, Cardox has been serving the bulk materials industry for over 60 years with unmatched expertise.


  • No manual entry

  • Target crucial areas

  • Multiple applications

  • No additional permits required

  • Penetrate deep into the build-up areas

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“We have not used a water blaster since the use of Cardox. We now have about 30 fittings on the preheater tower at the locations where hard heavy build up forms. Our operators are impressed with the Cardox. This is due to its effectiveness at removing build up, it saves manual work and is safe to use.”

Golden Bay Cement Portland Works-New Zealand

“We have now installed all the Cardox Sockets with no disruption to production onto the preheater and we are pleased to report Cardox is working very effectively and everyone is very impressed with the performance and with the System.”

Union Cement Corporation- Davao Philippines

We have used the Cardox System twice since the training session. Once was an opportunity during a shut. The second time to break a ring. This shortened the Kiln down time by at least 3 days - Cardox has paid for itself already.”

Pulp Mil- Thailand

“Having used Cardox B37 shells for dislodging build-ups in chalk, oxide and clay hoppers for a number of years, nowadays, we use them to clear build- ups in our inlet area to cement kilns under hot conditions. Our operators service and refill the shells with no problems.”

Rugby Cement-UK

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