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Mining & Quarrying Industry

For opencast and underground coal and ore mining, boulder breaking and dimensional stone extraction

As pioneers of the Cardox System, our expertise and innovation remain unmatched

Originally developed for safe use in volatile coal seams, the Cardox System has expanded its reach to become a valuable tool in coal mining, ore extraction, and the excavation of dimensional stone.

Efficient Rock Breaking and Quarrying with The Cardox System

With The Cardox System’s main ingredient being inert Liquid C02, the system has all the benefits of explosives but without the headaches – as there is little to no vibration upon activation and far less noise emitted. It has a longer shelf life than other methods without the need for a magazine and specialist permits. The system doesn’t operate on a shockwave like explosives, so it creates very little fly rock and is more of a heaving action, cutting the smaller mass away from the larger mass.

In rock breaking, the C02 splits and heaves along natural fissures and bed planes, creating neat cuts in most instances.

This CO2 blast is powerful and eliminates the risk of secondary reactions

In mining, the highly effective Cardox System was initially designed for use in fiery coal seams. However, it has since become extensively utilized for breaking rock, concrete, and various other materials with utmost safety and efficiency. Using carbon dioxide, Cardox generates a powerful heaving force, cracking and breaking materials along existing fracture plains while moving them away from the main mass.

Carbon dioxide is an inert gas commonly found in fire extinguishers, so using Cardox is completely safe and eliminates the risk of secondary reactions. Furthermore, the gas’s quick release cools the discharge, preventing any air-gas mixture from igniting. In the mining industry, this feature of Cardox proves especially beneficial, as it helps reduce fines by up to 25%.


Each time you use a Cardox Tube, you are guaranteed maximum pressure to remove the build-up. With a safe and powerful carbon dioxide blast, one Cardox Tube can remove tonnes of build-up, and you’re back up to running at full capacity, with little or no downtime.


The Cardox System is fully approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive and certified by Delta International Products Testing Laboratories.

Cardox Tubes are classed as pressure vessel and are fully regulated under the European Pressure Vessels Directive (PED) and subsequently carry the CE quality marking.

Cardox Tubes are manufactured and tested to the European Pressure Vessel Directive.


Many of our customers report that the Cardox System pays for itself in no time at all. Cardox is only used when a build-up occurs and so the running costs can be very low. Also, maintenance costs are minimal.

You can read more about how the Cardox System works.

  • No manual entry is required

  • Fully approved and certified

  • The system pays for itself

  • No loss in efficiency

  • Minimal maintenance costs

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