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Power Plants & EfW

Used globally by Power Plants and Energy from Waste plants (EfW) in boilers, economisers, and silos

As pioneers of the Cardox System, our expertise and innovation remain unmatched.

The Cardox System is now used extensively in the renewable energies sector, notably Energy from Waste and Biomass Plants. Much like the cement industry, which relies heavily on the Cardox System, there has been significant growth in its use.

The Cardox System has a proven track record of successfully clearing debilitating blockages in the three significant areas of the process: boilers, economisers, and coal bunkers.

The Cardox Tubes are applied to the vessels through Sockets and activated to remove the material causing the blockage. The benefit for Coal Bunkers is that the Liquid C02 is fire-inhibiting, so it is a preferred option for plants to remove this form of blockage/build-up.

Cardox now has many applications in the Energy from Waste Plants (EfW) industry for various bunkers such as ash filter sock bunkers, boilers, and hoppers.

The system is much faster than manual cleaning/vacuuming and requires no manual entry. Downtime is a significant issue for energy providers, and the Cardox System’s speed has dramatically decreased downtime massively for plants such as Viridor Runcorn, EON Kingsnorth, and Kemsley. Cardox has the benefit of being wholly non-explosive, so no additional permits are required.

You can read more about how the Cardox System works here.


Expensive shutdowns can now be dramatically reduced as the system has been developed to be used as an online preventative measure rather than a shutdown cleaning process.



It has been successfully used for over 30 years to remove ash build-up and blockages. Most new EfW / biomass plants have the set-up and use Cardox whenever there’s a build-up or blockage of ash, which can be commonplace in EfW plants.


Eliminates the need for man entry or exhaustive manual digging/rodding in ash and lime silos.

  • No manual entry

  • Fire-inhibiting

  • Multiple applications

  • No additional permits required

  • Less downtime

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“I have used Cardox International on multiple projects. They have always been accommodating and quick to mobilise. Once onsite they conduct themselves in a professional manner and have always carried out their work safely and efficiently. They have multiple tools to unblock systems in a variety of ways and have always successfully done so, reducing the client’s disposal and outage costs. More specifically on my current project we have used them to successfully to unblock ash and APRC (hydrated lime and ash) silos. We hope to look at using their technology to aid in boiler cleaning in the future.”

Craig Barker - Outotec

"We use The Cardox System on our vertical pass on the boiler which has been a notorious trouble spot for us. On all occasions we have 100% success rate. The training and support you gave us as part of the package was excellent. We are 100% happy with the system and the support you provide".

Carl – Viridor

Cardox In Use