Silos, Hoppers & Bulk Materials

Cardox provides the ultimate solution for clearing build-up and blockages in silos, bins, hoppers and most storage vessels.

n Keep your product free and flowing

n Efficient, effective, safe and reliable

n Available to purchase, hire, or Cardox engineers can be contracted to undertake work.

Do you have build-up problems with any of these products: grain, flour, maize, soya, salt, sugar, cement, gypsum, coal, fertilisers, ores, powders, catalysts? Then consider Cardox, over 60 years service to the bulk materials industry.

The versatile Cardox Sockets & Plugs, available in a range of sizes, allow access to various types of silo discharge areas near to the base of silos, hoppers and bins, targeting the cruicial areas for effective material removal.

Also, Cardox Tubes can be applied from the top of silos, bins, hoppers; fitted with a spike at the Discharge Head, the Tubes will penetrate 3-4 metres into the material build up.