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Why Cardox

Why Cardox

Pioneers of the Cardox System

Cardox International Limited proudly stands as the original manufacturers of the Cardox System. Our extensive history of creating and refining the Cardox System places us as leaders in the industry. With decades of experience, we remain at the forefront of Cardox System development and manufacturing.

At our company, our Engineering team boasts more than 30 years of experience in their field. We offer site visits to perform activations on behalf of our customers, providing recommendations on how to best position sockets for optimal usage. Our team can efficiently commission and install systems for our clients, all while providing expert training on all applications. With years of experience working in 50 different countries, our engineers are well-equipped to handle various site setups and cater to a wide range of customer needs.

Safety & Efficiency

Efficiency and Safety: The Winning Combination for Industry Success

One of the main benefits of the Cardox System is that blockages can be cleared within seconds without manual cleaning which can be dangerous and time consuming.

It’s also important to note that Cardox is not classified as an explosive or dangerous good by international standards or by the UK Health and Safety Executive. As a result, there are no special permits required for storage, transportation, or handling.


Minimal set-up time required

It takes only one minute to fill a Tube and seconds to fire it

Operation is immediate on activation

One tub can remove several hours of expensive manual cleaning


One Tube can clear a large radius

Activation can be directed to problematic areas

No effect on refractory with correct application

Tube can be placed in the centre of the build-up, unlike blasters


Tube is locked into vessel for an internal process

No prolonged exposure to heat unlike water jetting

Tubes are treated to withstand operating conditions

No blowback on operators

Cardox Systems have received full approval from the UK Health & Safety Executive and are certified under the European Pressure Vessels Equipment Directives (PED), allowing them to bear the CE marking.